Porcelain Paver Overview

We have recently added porcelain pavers to our collection of products. For more general information regarding porcelain pavers, please continue reading and check out our other blogs posts that dive deeper into this product.

The 20-millimeter-thick porcelain pavers are available in several sizes including: 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 12”x 48”, 24”x24”, 18”x36”, 24x”x48” and 16”x48” (plank size). With many laying patterns to choose from, you have the option to mix and match sizes for a more intricate, multi-pattern design, or to keep a consistent size for a uniform appearance.

In addition to the variety of sizes, the pavers are also available in multiple profiles and are extremely customizable. Within each profile, there are several flavors to choose from in order to suite your specific project needs.  Some of the most popular looks are the Bluestone Pavers, Stone Pavers, Plank Pavers, Travertine Pavers, Concrete Pavers and Marble Pavers. Although the pavers are made of porcelain, they are designed to appear like the material in which they are mimicking. 

Used both commercially and residentially, we are seeing many unique looks created with this innovative product. Unlike traditional pavers, these porcelain pavers were created to be used in spaces such as roof tops and can be dry laid over grass, gravel and sand as well as over traditional wood decks.

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